Simple and secure mobile printing with zero apps. Apogee’s Zapp™ is the simple solution for mobile printing. With Zapp™ your staff and visitors can print directly to any printer or MFD from their smartphone or tablet, without the need to load any Apps.

Whether your staff are now bringing their own mobile devices into your workplace, or you are providing these devices to your more mobile staff, they may still have the issue of printing. That’s where Zapp™ mobile printing comes in. With Zapp™ your staff can print as simply as they would from a computer or laptop.

Forget having to load Apps onto every smartphone or tablet. With Zapp™ you can remove this workload, plus the need for different Apps for each of the makes of printer or MFD you have in your offices.

Zapp™ can support all Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices including the latest tablets, and because Zapp™ works with your network you retain control of who can use it.

You may have staff who travel between your offices, or visitors and guests to your offices who need to print. You can give them access as you choose, and the volumes and costs of all Zapp™ printing can be tracked and reported on through your print management system.

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We’ve been highly impressed with Apogee and their ability to meet our demanding requirements.