Mobile Print

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, working on the go has become standard practice. A simple task like printing from these mobile devices should be straightforward, however many businesses are still incapable of mobile printing. Mobile print enables you to print from your device via email, wireless connection or your network. Whether you’re away from your desk, at another office, or hosting visitors and guests in your business, Apogee can provide a Mobile Print solution that allows you and your visitors to print from a smartphone or tablet.

We offer a range of Mobile Print solutions to meet your individual business requirements. A coffee shop that wants customers to be able to print as they drink their cappuccinos, a multi-office with lots of travelling staff, or a business embracing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) but wanting to retain control of costs and security.

Scalable solutions for Mobile Print

Mobile Print via Email – An easy-to-use solution where each printer is given an email address and users send their print jobs to it, although simple to set-up, it doesn’t have the same level of control as more advanced solutions.

Mobile Print direct to wireless device – If your printing device has a wireless connection you could print to it using a unique passcode or by loading a purpose built App on your smartphone or device. Users have more control of document editing and formatting but as a company you can’t always track print volumes and users.

Mobile Print via a controlled network – A print network with controlled access is easy to set up and provides the best form of document management. You can control who can access documents and what they can print with full tracking whilst users have full functionality in terms of document formatting.

Apogee Corporation Managed Print Services Outsource Print UK Europe

Apogee supplied us with a solution that was clearly designed to specifically meet our requirements, thereby ensuring that we realised substantial cost savings.  Almost as importantly we now have the support and service levels we can rely on.

Apogee Corporation Managed Print Services Outsource Print UK Europe

Simple and secure mobile printing with zero apps. Apogee’s Zapp™ is the simple solution for mobile printing. With Zapp™ your staff and visitors can print directly to any printer or MFD from their smartphone or tablet, without the need to load any Apps.