Apogee’s 1-Touch™ can run your common document processes at the touch of a button. Documents can be scanned, distributed electronically, copied and archived automatically and simultaneously with a 1-Touch™ system tailored to your workflow.

By automating the document processes your staff perform on a daily or weekly basis, 1-Touch™ can deliver significant cost savings and improved efficiency. Valuable staff time, paper, toner and power costs can all be saved, and duplicated activities and documents are removed.

Our approach is to help you improve the efficiency of your document processes, which can also reduce your operating costs and deliver environmental benefits.

Simplify and automate your paper processes

  • Do you rely on paper documents to run your internal processes like invoices or expenses approval?
  • Do you receive a lot of incoming paper documents e.g. letters, orders, forms?
  • Do you have to key information from documents into your computer or system?
  • Do you regularly have to copy paper documents and distribute these or store them?

Apogee’s 1-Touch™ can be tailored to run your unique document process at the touch of a button. If your staff perform a paper-based process regularly, a 1-Touch™ system could free them to focus on your business!

Why Apogee should be your first choice:

  • Duplicated activities & documents are removed
  • Safe & secure document workflows
  • Improved process efficiency
  • Once digitalised all invoices/documents are fully searchable
  • Reduce waste levels whilst increasing security
  • Detailed audit trails of all documents
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We’ve seen major reductions in waste printing and a big increase in efficiency and to top it all off, a big improvement in document security.


I have got quite a few workflows set up now and they flow right through the business.