Digitise your fax processes with our latest CloudFax solution. Apogee’s CloudFax solutions allow you to send and receive fax documents digitally anywhere you need, using your existing network and internet connections. If you need to provide fax capability to your clients or suppliers, Apogee’s CloudFax solutions can do this without the need for any dedicated fax phone lines or equipment. There is no need for fax machines in your organisation, or fax kits in your MFDs.

With CloudFax faxes can simply be sent from or received on any PC, smartphone or tablet, or if preferred faxes can be automatically routed to a printer or MFD.

Forget printing documents, feeding them into a fax machine, typing a number and having to wait for it to screech away as it slowly works its way down that expensive phone line. Apogee’s CloudFax turns your PC, smartphone or tablet into a fax sender/receiver. Create your document just as you do an email or print job, then send it via your network connection.

CloudFax will deliver a digital version of your fax via the internet to its destination, where it can be received and printed out just as if you sent it from a fax machine.

Why Apogee should be your first choice:

  • Send and receive faxes directly from your PC, Mac, smartphone or MFD
  • Free up limited IT resources
  • Secure encryption end-to-end with archiving and audit trail
  • Access your CloudFax account anytime anywhere
  • Cut costs of dedicated fax phone lines and fax machines
  • Unlimited users and 24/7 support
  • Cut costs and wastage of printing every incoming fax
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The routing of digital documents via scanning and CloudFax has eliminated circa 1,200 fax lines. Apogee’s CloudFax solution has removed analogue processes and improved our workflow processes significantly.