Cloud Solutions

Integrating Apogee’s latest Cloud Print solution into your Managed Service allows you to print documents wherever you are. It provides a means for storing confidential data securely, whilst remaining accessible from any device whatever your location. Considering over 70% of the UK now owns a smartphone, according to Deloitte, it is important your Managed Service accommodates the advances in mobile and Cloud Printer technology.

A Cloud-ready device allows you to securely log-in directly to any Cloud account on a device and print the documents you need, removing the necessity to carry physical documents or even a physical storage device like a USB.

Storing your data and documents on the Cloud is much easier and cheaper than traditional methods. It automatically backs up data for a low monthly fee compared to purchasing external hard drives and the additional cost of your time spent manually completing routine backups. The majority of Cloud Print Solutions encrypt data during transmission and while in storage, ensuring no unauthorised users can access the files. They also require a secure login increasing security and safeguarding your confidential or sensitive information.

Cloud storage enables you to easily share files with just a few clicks. Whether it is a single file or a folder containing hundreds of documents, you control who can access and edit these. Online collaboration can save you valuable space in email inboxes. Sometimes the inevitable can’t be avoided, but you can have a backup plan in place. If you experience devastating data loss, you’ll have backups of all your original files through Cloud so you can restore them with minimal downtime.

Why Apogee should be your first choice for Cloud Printing:

  • Secure access to your Cloud account
  • Access important documents wherever you are
  • Scan directly to your Cloud account
  • Improve your user accessibility
  • No software or app to load
  • Easy to set-up and user friendly control panel
Apogee Corporation Managed Print Services Outsource Print UK Europe

We’re very happy with how cost effective the Apogee Cloud Print solution has worked out.


The proposed solution has given us the tools to manage print and document spend in a variety of ways, with the addition of new software and the improved capabilities this has given us.

Apogee Corporation Managed Print Services Outsource Print UK Europe

Digitise your fax processes with our latest CloudFAX solution. Apogee’s CloudFAX solutions allow you to send and receive fax documents digitally anywhere you need, using your existing network and internet connections.