Solutions for Remote Workers

The percentage of employees permanently working from home is expected to double in 2021, so is now the right time to implement a Remote Working business strategy?

Not only will this benefit your organisation by introducing automated and efficient workflows, the Remote Worker solutions can also help your organisation work towards future-proofing your business operations.

Document Management

A Document Management system can track, manage and store documents helping to eliminate resource-intensive paper filing systems that can take over your working environment. This is a great way to digitise and access key documents whilst working remotely.

  • Flexibility – Access information anywhere, anytime
  • Visibility - Maintain a clear overview of your process whilst tracking business critical metrics
  • Security – Keep your information safe, secure and confidential

  • Access Documents Digitally

Mail Optimisation

The recent pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital mail processes both in and out of an organisation. With critical document still needing to be sent and received every day from remote locations, digitising inbound mail and outsourcing hybrid mail is the future of mail processes.

  • Efficiency – Improved efficiency (up to 80%) in mail distribution
  • Productivity - Quick, accurate and defined mail processes
  • Accurate – Key to reducing errors and improving accuracy

  • Send and Receive Post Digitally

Managed Ink Service

With the latest print technology from HP combined with our Managed Ink Service, users automatically receive ink straight to their door without having to think twice.

  • Integration – Lightweight modern technology which is easily integrated into your current working environment
  • Plug in and Play - Up and running almost instantly
  • Automated processes – Automated replacement ink delivered to home addresses
  • Managed Ink Logo

Web2Print Portal

Designed with flexibility and security in mind, our One Source Web2Print portal provides clients with a secure online portal to produce, manage and track all your print activity.

  • Flexibility – Enable remote working staff to upload and print documents from any location
  • Remote Management - Allocate and track all print activity
  • Security – Files remain secure and encrypted whilst your workforce maintains the ability to print from any location

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