eBibles are an easy to manage electronic document management system that dramatically improves efficiency and shared access across all document users. Essentially, eBibles (or e-bibles) are PDF format documents that hold large amounts of organised data and include additional functionality, such as advanced search capabilities, security features and enhanced shareability.

eBibles are commonly used in legal matters to store complex legal folders, created by either scanning hard-copy documents or by using an assortment of soft-copy files in various formats. Once produced, eBibles can be quickly and cheaply duplicated to suit any client requirements.

eBibles are fully text searchable for instant access of information and can even be stored onto a single disk with multiple copies available upon request. They are also customised for each client in accordance with their corporate colours, logos and branding while providing web and email access for key contacts. This in return offers a more professional approach for clients.

Apogee have developed a legal eBible which has been specifically created for Solicitors who are involved in the commercial and criminal law sectors. Paralegals and Legal assistants often spend a large part of their time searching, printing, collaborating and sharing numerous documents relating to a case. eBibles greatly simplify these processes and provides an effective tool for electronic document management.

Built to be highly secure, portable and easy to use, Apogee’s eBibles set the industry standard for the secure transportation of documents between parties. Our eBible creation service is backed by our dedicated Forensic Technology and eDisclosure division, our 24/7 high volume scanning team, and our specialist outsource printing and reprographics division.

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I couldn’t be happier with the savings that Apogee has managed to generate for us. Our costs were in danger of starting to get out of hand, but now we have a firm grip. Not only that, but we now have a better service, more robust support and the ability to make improvements without fearing exorbitant costs.

Further eBible features

  • Bookmarks make the document navigable using a tree system like an explorer.
  • Hyperlinks added to make the document navigable similar to web pages.
  • Passwords can be added to avoid printing the documents.
  • Split screen feature to make the Index and document navigable at the same time.
  • Consolidation of various document types into a standard format.
  • Visually appealing eBibles, that can be designed to reflect your brand.

eBibles are an ideal, cost effective solution for any matter. Whether it’s 500 pages of evidence, or multiple sets of boxed files, eBibles are suitable for trials, arbitrations, judicial inquiries, inquests, planning inquiries or any case where presentation of electronic evidence is necessary.

Our eBible solutions can improve the day-to-day running of your project. Document management is undertaken much more efficiently, while strengthening the opportunity for your firm to market your corporate identity and increase your client portfolio.