Bundle Preparation

Apogee Digital Document Services make bundle preparation simple and stress free, providing confidence in meeting challenging, court-imposed deadlines. Regardless of any last minute changes, our flexible and professional service ensures the end product is always fit for purpose.

Our process driven, workflow-assessed approach to bundle preparation provides an assured, accurate and reliable end product that meets the specific needs of legal practices and professionals.

Taking a consultative perspective and inviting upfront participation in the assessment process has reduced the downstream confusion and likelihood of last minute changes that are common with other service providers.

With trained lawyers in our team who have extensive experience on client-side issues and challenges, the managed process of bundle preparation through review, production and quality control provides you with peace of mind and the highest level of reliability.

With over 15 years experience delivering electronic data print and legal print, copy and scanning services, Apogee Digital Document Services has developed a detailed workflow that takes you through an exhaustive checklist of possible options. The resulting specification feeds into our production and quality control processes, creating a robust system that delivers exactly what you need.

Get in touch today with one of your specialists to discuss your bundle preparation requirements by calling 0800 999 0247 or completing the form on our website contact page here.

Apogee Corporation Managed Print Services Outsource Print UK Europe

Apogee have shown us what quality service looks like, it’s in a different league from what we are used to. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Their legal sector experience is fantastic and we were quite shocked to find that Apogee understood our business better than we did.

Apogee Corporation Managed Print Services Outsource Print UK Europe
Scanning, Coding & Unitisation

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Apogee Corporation Managed Print Services Outsource Print UK Europe

eBibles are commonly used in legal matters to store complex legal folders, created by either scanning hard-copy documents or by using an assortment of soft-copy files in various formats. Once produced, eBibles can be quickly and cheaply duplicated to suit any client requirements. eBibles are fully text searchable for instant access of information and can even… Read More