Outsource Printing Services

Apogee provide a 24/7 on-demand Outsource Printing Services to accompany our market leading Managed Services and ensure any document requirement you have can be delivered by Apogee as your single outsource partner. Uniquely, we support our own print infrastructure using in-house engineers, providing a true round the clock Outsource Printing Services to clients. With a £2 million+ outsource facility and current capacity to run over 365+ million copies per year, we have the scale and flexibility to deliver all your enterprise Outsource Printing Services.

Apogee is Europe’s largest independent provider of print, document and process technology and outsource services.

Our reputation as the first choice provider for multi-vendor print technology and service is built on the unique approach we have taken to Managed Services, pro-actively monitoring our clients and conducting preventative maintenance to maximise technology up-time.

Our 24/7 Outsource Printing Services include:

Digital Printing and Reprographics – Our hallmark is our ability to deliver high-priority jobs, to demanding specifications, while consistently meeting quality and delivery deadlines.All jobs are displayed in real-time on screens throughout our facilities to monitor, manage and assess work flow, and we hold in excess of £250,000 of parts and consumables to maintain device up-time. Click here to view our Digital Printing and Reprographics flyer.

Scanning, Coding and Unitisation – Apogee has the capacity to scan large volumes of documents, in a timely manner and at short notice, whether the documents are processed on or offsite. We can scan images in a number of languages using best in class technology to ensure optimum results when searching. Click here to view our Scanning, Coding and Unitisation flyer.

Trial Bundles – Our process driven, workflow-assessed approach to bundle preparation provides an assured, accurate and reliable end product that meets the specific needs of legal practices and professionals. Click here to visit our Trial Bundles webpage.

eBibles Specialists in the creation of eBibles; the process of transforming your paper-based legal information and documentation into an organised structure of electronic files. eBibles are the ideal solution to simplifying the management and portability of complex fully index documentation. Click here to view our eBibles flyer.

Disaster Recovery  Accessible 24/7/365, our DR suite is contained within a gated, secure complex with substantial parking and accessed by entry control cards, while under constant 24 hour CCTV surveillance. Click here to view our Disaster Recovery flyer.

On Location  Support – Apogee DDS is capable of assisting your document requirements worldwide, in-keeping with international laws and parameters. Click here to visit our On Location webpage.

Call Apogee Digital Document Services 24/7 on 0800 999 0247.

Apogee have always provided a highly professional, efficient and quality service and have done so, in most cases, at short notice. We have great confidence in their team and have always found them very easy to work with, highly accommodating and most importantly, they offer great value for money.”