Managed Print Services

Apogee’s Managed Print Services are flexible and easily scalable to support business growth.  Our pro-activity frees up valuable time for you to focus on core business needs and growth. Our managed print services optimise the performance of your business and the productivity of your technology and staff. Our unique pro-active monitoring and pre-emptive servicing combined with field and desk-side support delivers unrivalled uptime.

What are Managed Print Services?

Managed print services (MPS) seek to optimise an organisations document output by tracking and managing how the printer, fax, copier and multi-function print fleet is being used, the problems, and the user’s satisfaction.

An average fourteen percent of revenue. It’s what most global companies today are wasting on document-related tasks and sorely inefficient printing practices. Eighty percent of business content is unstructured or unmanaged, and of that, nearly half is paper. What does managed print services look like to you?

  • 90% of organisations still do not track or audit their printing costs.
  • 63% of enterprises are affected by printer-related security breaches.
  • 14% average revenue wasted by global companies on document-related tasks and inefficient printing practices.
  • £9 true cost for organisations to manage print practices per every £1 spent.
  • 20% of help desk resources are spent on printer related topics.


Benefits of Apogee’s Managed Print Services

Our pro-active approach can remove all your headaches. Through our unique remote monitoring offering, we can service all your printing and copying equipment nationally, deliver new toner just when you need it, and even automatically record your meters live for accurate reliable readings whilst you focus on your business.

All our client support services are managed under one roof at our Managed Service Operations Centre in Maidstone giving us total accountability of any issues that arise. This removes the necessity of outsourcing key aspects of your print output and allows us to deliver the ultimate client support operation.


    Apogee Corporation
    Managed Print Services

    Apogee is Europe’s largest independent provider of print, document and process technology and outsource services. Our reputation as the first choice provider for multi-vendor print technology and service is built on the unique approach we have taken to Managed Services, pro-actively monitoring our clients and conducting preventative maintenance to maximise technology up-time.


Why Apogee should be your first choice for Managed Print Services

Apogee’s managed print services allow organisations to reduce costs and improve efficiency by rationalising the print environment. We leverage existing investments in multi-functional devices, while continually monitoring usage, so that the optimised infrastructure continues to meet business needs.

In real terms, our Managed Print Service means that you only need to think about the piece of paper that comes out of your devices. We handle everything from toner supply and replacement, servicing of the equipment, meter readings, consolidated billing, comprehensive management reporting and the collection and recycling of the device at the end of its useful life.

  • Unique pro-active remote monitoring of your technology and infrastructure
  • Pre-emptive fault avoidance
  • Just-in-time, automated toner supply
  • User, desktop and network technology support
  • More than 30% of faults fixed remotely
  • Nationwide on-site servicing and support
  • Fleet management to maximise performance

Our Account Manager has been extremely efficient and helpful and has contributed with ideas to make the project cost efficient, and at the same time providing us with the support and the solutions required for the necessities of our business. It has been a pleasure working with him and I look forward to completing the project successfully.”