Offset your paper footprint through reforestation

Our Commitment

Apogee are committed to continually finding ways to support a more sustainable planet and are pleased to offer our clients an automated sustainability program focussed on reforestation through PrintReleaf.

With a rapidly changing environment, new challenges are being faced and Apogee is extremely proud of being a contributor to the PrintReleaf reforesting initiative.

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What is PrintReleaf?

PrintReleaf is the world’s first platform that automatically converts your paper footprint into actual trees. As you print, you actively replant trees in forests that need it most around the world.

This new initiative will empower your company to releaf forests based on your paper footprint. The reforestation projects you releaf are up to you! PrintReleaf provides certificates and reports about the forests you have releafed over time.

PrintReleaf Certification empowers you to sustain and grow our global forest system... one print job at a time.

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Apogee combine their new ARMA (Apogee Remote Management Application) technology to accurately measure your paper consumption which integrates with the PrintReleaf platform to provide a live dashboard of your reforestation. The dashboard will calculate the paper volume, weight, and size data to help demonstrate your contribution.


Completely automated, end-to-end integration from printer to seedling with no software to install.
Through awareness, social marketing, and certifications, you can see and share the positive impact you have on forests around the world.
Environmental Reforestation
Reforestation provides environmental and ecological reforestation where the planet needs it most.
The PrintReleaf ecosystem is verified by our third party certifying body, SGS International.

How it works

PrintReleaf measures your paper footprint based on your cumulative printing. The technology automatically measures your paper footprint through device and fleet data collected by print management software on the print devices.

Then, your paper consumption totals calculate your paper footprint, which is converted into a specific and accurate number of trees through network certified reforestation projects located around the world. Once trees are planted, PrintReleaf administers an 8-year audit process to track the progress and survivability of the trees.

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