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Over twenty years' experience and now the largest provider of Managed Print Services in Europe.




Healthcare organisations can not only improve their financial well-being with a Managed Service from Apogee, they can also enhance document security which is key when handling confidential patient records.

Between test results, patient notes and all types of administrative paperwork, hard copy printed documents mount up. Within the healthcare industry, inefficient print processes can take up medical professionals’ time, create huge amounts of wastage and can ultimately compromise patient care.

By taking the time to understand, Apogee found a solution that really works for us. Costs are under control and efficiency has greatly improved.”

The Department of Health is pushing for the NHS to go paperless by 2020 and technology advances have seen the amount of paper we use at work starting to fall, but not dramatically. The sheer volume of “paper data” makes this a daunting concept for the NHS.

The healthcare industry must understand that processes can be automated. However, the key to success is taking one step at a time. In many cases, it’s less about being completely paperless, and more about functioning with less paper.

The key to overcoming this barrier for any healthcare organisation is the understanding that processes can be automated. Digitising patient notes can free up time to focus on patient care, decisions can be made in a clinical environment to improve patient safety, and digital information can be made available in multiple places at one time. The key to success here lies in taking on the process one step at a time. In many cases, it’s less about being completely paperless, and more about functioning with less paper.




The way we use technology in the classroom is constantly evolving. Educators need access to the latest technologies if they are to give their students the best possible learning experience.

From apps and downloads that support learning, through to 3D print facilities, the use of technology in the classroom is no longer limited to lessons in Computer Sciences or D&T. The educational technology options available are now growing almost as fast as the young people who rely on them.

Our print solution has given us the tools to manage print spend in a variety of ways. With the new software and the control it gives us, I'm confident that the school is not overusing colour."

Apogee has been helping schools, colleges and universities streamline their educational printing services and save thousands on print costs for many years. Our experience in providing education organisations with managed services and specialist outsource document solutions gives us the knowledge and skills needed to recommend and implement the right solution for you. We work with education establishments to provide the most up to date and interactive printing and document management experiences for students; whatever the ambition, outlook or budget.



Financial Services

In the financial world, document and data security is of paramount importance, given the high sensitivity of data handled by the sector.

Finding innovative ways to improve efficiency and access to data across sites, whilst keeping a firm focus on security and adhering to regulatory commitments, can prove a tricky task. But technology is evolving at a pace and there are a host of solutions that have been developed with precisely these needs in mind.

Over the years Apogee have helped us to cut printer support calls to our helpdesk by 70% and now our users understand just how they do this and deliver a better level of service by monitoring our devices remotely.”

Apogee use sophisticated processes that automatically recognise and classify documents and capture important data, turning a paper document into an electronic version at the touch of a button. Automating your scanning workflow can establish cost effective and efficient document management processes.

It’s important to consider your hardware security as well as your document management. The latest print hardware contains robust security features, including user authentication and sophisticated encryption. Cloud-based document storage solutions contain far more layers of data protection, while allowing staff easier access to documents without compromise.




Apogee have extensive experience delivering managed print and specialist outsource digital print and document services to the legal industry, having worked with 12 of the 14 biggest global Law firms and 17 of 20 biggest in London.

We have developed the skills and expertise to effectively deliver complete document solutions, ranging from supplying and servicing large fleets of print technology, to high volume outsource digital print and scanning, to specialist Forensic Technology and eDisclosure.

Apogee have shown us what quality service looks like, it’s in a different league from what we are used to. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and their legal sector experience is fantastic.”

Our Managed Print Services enable you to avoid unnecessary print and speed up document workflows - providing greater visibility of print costs and increasing staff productivity.

Apogee also help legal organisations respond to all litigation or investigatory requirements in a defensible, quick and cost-effective manner, through the provision of end-to-end eDisclosure solutions.

Our 24/7 outsource digital print and specialist document services is renowned for delivering on-demand, high volume print, copy and scanning services accurately, securely and efficiently, to meet varying and challenging demands.




If you work in the retail sector, print output is likely to be a huge part of your operation, with an endless stream of printed and copied material that is crucial to the business.

In this fast-paced market, meeting customer expectations is the key to success and loyalty. Whether it’s your office print and mailing infrastructure or your marketing communications, ignoring document handling can lead to inefficient processes and have negative results such as high costs and wasteful use of consumables.