Our Expertise in Healthcare

Healthcare organisations can not only improve their financial well-being with a Managed Service from Apogee, they can also enhance document security which is key when handling confidential patient records.

Between test results, patient notes and all types of administrative paperwork, hard copy documents can easily mount up. Within the healthcare industry, inefficient print processes can take up medical professionals’ time, create excessive wastage and can ultimately, compromise patient care.

The healthcare industry needs to consider that processes can be automated. However, the key to success is taking one step at a time. In many cases, it’s less about being completely paperless, and more about functioning with less paper.

The key to overcoming this barrier for any healthcare organisation is the understanding that processes can be automated. Digitising patient notes can free up time to focus on patient care, decisions can be made in a clinical environment to improve patient safety, and digital information can be made available in multiple places at one time.

Data Security 2

Don't be left in the dark when it comes to your data security

As a business, now is the time to consider re-evaluating your data security compliance to prevent costly breaches?

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Touchless Printing

Touchless printing solutions for your office shared devices

Depending on your existing environment, dffierent solutions can be implemented to prevent contact with devices.

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Apogee supporting the NHS Nightingale Hospital London

Our people were delivering and installing new print and document technology at the NHS Nightingale to support the launch.

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Improve cost efficiencies through print management

An effective print management solution has the potential to make significant savings across multiple departments.

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Customer Feedback

By taking the time to understand, Apogee found a solution that really works for us. Costs are under control and efficiency has greatly improved.”

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