Our Expertise in Construction & Manufacturing

Apogee work towards revolutionising the way construction and manufacturing organisations work by providing the latest print and document technology.

We work with manufacturing and construction organisations to streamline processes using intuitive software and prototyping using 3D print. Within these industries, information is shared across a large network of individuals including operators, partners, contractors and suppliers. With a managed document service, it can ensure that those within the supply chain can retrieve vital documents in a timely, cost-effective and reliable manner.

Construction & Manufacturing Campaign

Print & document infrastructure on the go

Construction sites will generally require a remote mobile site office building or trailer...
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Construction_Campaign Image_The Cloud is digitising multi-site organisations_compressed

The cloud is digitising multi-site organisations

Many construction companies are now leaning towards cloud-based solutions...
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Construction_Campaign Image_Sign-On-Glass can transform the paper process

Sign-on-glass can transform the paper process

Replace your labour-intensive manual paper processes with a new digital equivalent...
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Construction_Campaign Image_Out of sight out of mind. Don’t let your devices haunt you

Out of sight out of mind. Don’t let your devices haunt you

Whilst many organisations have implemented policies for protecting confidential data on PCs and servers...
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Construction_Campaign Image_Keep your business operating even in the most remote locations_compressed

Keep your business operating in remote locations

Uptime is critical for almost all organisations. The construction industry, like many others...
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Construction_Campaign Image_6 Benefits Clouds

Six Reasons to Consider Apogee Cloud Print

Traditionally, documents are printed from a desktop or laptop computer that is connected to a printer... Read More

Customer Feedback

Our equipment is so much more reliable, and we just don't have the problems that we'd become used to in the past. Apogee have given us a level of support that we can be confident in.