Transitioning from Legacy Infrastructure

As well as an aversion to change, many organisations encounter real practical sticking points with legacy equipment and working practices. Understanding how transformation can overcome these challenges and provide major additional benefits is key to organisations moving forward alongside advancements while optimising their core business processes.

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Legacy technology can be difficult for organisation to move away from. An overhaul in the print and document infrastructure can bring discomfort to users who are familiar with legacy technology and who are comfortable with current equipment and usage. Change can also be disruptive in the short time to organisations while new processes are being implemented and users learn how the new technology will optimise their workflows.

Effective transformation is key to overcoming common challenges and pitfalls when transitioning from Legacy infrastructure. Clear planning and two-way communication by account and project management teams throughout is critical, while training before, during and after integration facilitates a smooth transition.

Major additional benefits can be achieved by moving from legacy to digital. Optimised workflows, substantial cost savings, automated processes, business contingency and enhanced environmental credentials are just a few that organisations can enjoy.

Apogee is hosting a unique event that will provide strategies to transform your organisation, optimising processes and meeting the challenges of security and GDPR through the application of digital technologies. The event will include 6 transformation areas for organisations to leverage, with Transitioning from Legacy Infrastructure showcased as one of the specialist areas.

This exclusive event, Strategies for Digital Transformation, will be hosted at the Institute of Directors in London with pre-registration mandatory. For more information and to register your attendance, please visit the events page by clicking the following link:

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