The real business benefits of Remote Management

In an age where efficiency and uptime are a priority for any organisation, is it time you considered allowing someone else to monitor your print and document infrastructure, freeing your staff and IT specialists to focus on their core projects?

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Remote Management is a term which is frequently misused by equipment service providers, to describe a service or support offering they can provide to their customers. Many printing devices are capable of generating their own alerts, but simply installing such devices does not deliver any significant improvement in the performance of the equipment or the level of support an organisation experiences.

A more pro-active rather than reactive approach will allow all your devices to be monitored on a live basis, continually optimising performance and maximising machine uptime by pre-empting any potential issues before they occur.

You will also benefit from having all your consumables automatically replenished, which can be tailored to your business needs. The remote connection will be unintrusive and simply there to provide live updates of your device output and toner levels, pre-empting any issues that may occur. In an instance where a fault cannot be fixed remotely an engineer will be despatched without the issue even being logged, minimising machine downtime. Meter readings are also taken live from the equipment.  Your bills are therefore always accurate and it also means that your staff don’t waste time taking the readings.

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