The Perfect Storm: Information overload and increasing data legislation

Many schools and universities are struggling to find an effective approach to managing the rapidly increasing volumes of both electronically stored information and paper-based documents. Inefficient processes and excessive storage costs are not the only impacts of this failure to govern information effectively.

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The EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) threatens significant financial penalties and potentially disastrous damage to schools reputations. This along with other industry regulations is forcing schools and universities to prioritise their information governance strategy.

Tactical approaches alone will not regain control

Whilst some have invested in structured data systems that exert a degree of control and reporting on electronic information files, the same cannot be said for the information that exists outside these; unstructured electronic files and data that resides on the networks, shared file servers and local devices of pupils. Out of sight, with unknown content and unqualified risk.

The proliferation of electronic files and the ease of sharing and storing information has maintained or driven the volume of paper documents, with hard copies printed at a touch of a button. Along with this, the ease of production and vast amounts of documents in storage facilities are also unstructured data challenges.

Consultancy to drive digital transformation and information governance

Apogee has developed a systematic approach to information and records governance, helping schools and universities to develop strategies that identify, review, manage and protect their disparate paper and electronic data silos and processes, and support their transformation and compliance objectives.

  1. Document Scanning and Data Capture

This gives a detailed insight into the content of their paper silos and how the ability to analyse, remediate and manage these as part of a wider governance strategy.

  1. Document Output and Workflow Process Assessments

Apogee assess the strengths and weaknesses of the current infrastructure and processes to gain understanding and highlight points which should be prioritised for improvement.

  1. Data Review and Analysis

The best-of-breed data mapping and content analytics is used to review structured and unstructured content and provide an overview which will help you manage data effectively.

If you would like to learn more about how Apogee can help deliver digital transformation and information governance for your school or university, then get in touch today on 0345 300 9955 or complete our website contact form here.

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