The Future of 5G

Networking has come a long way since the first generation network was introduced in the 80’s, and is set to keep on rising to continue to keep pace with customer demand and technological advances.

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5G is exactly what it states; a ‘fifth generation’ of cellular mobile communications. It is going to offer much more than the future of global communications, however, the UK isn’t set to begin adopting this until next year. This development in networking will not only influence your personal lives, but also directly impact the business environment.

There are three major benefits that the impact of 5G will bring to businesses.


The main benefit expected to come from 5G is the speed, with some suggesting it will be as much as 100 times faster than 4G, being able to download a film in less than a minute! Speed will affect the overall efficiency within organisations, making processes quicker, easier and more cost efficient, through minimal technological delays, high capability and energy savings.

Newer realities

Remote working is already gaining pace in the business environment. However, with the launch of 5G, it will streamline communications and allow individuals to work anywhere, anytime, whilst benefiting from all of the efficiencies mentioned above. Real time connections will also be easier through technologies such as virtual meetings, allowing you to reach a wider scope of people and knowledge.

The Internet of Things (IoT) will also become a new reality in business. It is estimated that billions more devices will be connected to the internet. For businesses, this means full optimisation of everything such as keeping everyone connected and everyday appliances such as lighting and temperature systems, in turn increasing efficiency and performance.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing has the opportunity to completely evolve, with 5G providing profound impacts to the entire system. Cloud computing will become more sophisticated with full functionality to allow anybody to upload, share, edit or simply store data instantly. The upgrade in functionality will provide substantial benefits to all organisations by increasing capacity, flexibility and responsiveness.

5G is a transformative force which will have a positive impact on everyone, including Apogee. The fifth generation is likely to increase Apogee’s already advanced technology, making it possible for us to further optimise your organisation’s performance.

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