Subject Access Request (SAR) – what is it and is your organisation compliant?

Any organisation that holds personal data has an obligation to provide subject access to the information they hold against that individual. Failure to do so can lead to consequences, demonstrating the need for organisations to comply.

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How SAR is impacting businesses

Subject Access Request (SAR) simply enables individuals to find out whether any of their personal information is being processed, why they hold it, where it may be disclosed to and enables them to receive a copy of this information. Since GDPR came into effect in May 2018, approximately 60,000 data breach notifications have been reported over Europe, with 91 of these reports leading to a fine being issued for various violations.

The focus in recent news is Cambridge Analytica, a UK–based political, data analytic, advertising, and consulting firm, found incompliant resulting in a £15,000 fine.

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How Apogee can help

As awareness of public rights and their data usage are increasing, Apogee offer the service to support organisations specifically with their subject access requests, creating approaches to regain control and avoid any risks of not complying with the regulations.

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