Retail – Competing in the 21st Century

The retail industry is under constant pressure to compete, with companies striving to minimise costs and achieve efficient operations in order to do so. Whilst the more obvious areas of focus such as stock, staff and property costs remain under scrutiny, print and document management can often be overlooked.

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One area of focus is the back office – this is where the vast majority of both population of staff and print fleet asides. By taking a smarter approach to managed print services, it is possible to rationalise the print fleet itself, significantly reduce print wastage, lower energy costs and reduce overall print volumes.

A whole range of innovative solutions are available, including approaches such as hybrid mail. By focusing on your back office, this opens up a wealth of opportunity for improving processes and driving efficiency.

Another key area of focus is regional warehouses and stores. Typically larger in number but smaller by print user population, warehouses and stores frequently have specialised print needs and are a hotbed of paper generation. By digitising this full process, retailers stand to gain substantial improvements, enhance transparency throughout the stock cycle and reduce print expenditure.

Additionally, customer-facing documentation is another area retailers can focus on to gain competitive advantage; a whole range of material is produced within retail to attract the customer, from catalogues and flyers to in-store promotional materials.

Companies can invest in in-house production facilities capable of producing high quality materials at relatively low cost per item, or can outsource the activity to a third party print provider. Digitisation is another area to consider with customer-facing documentation, as online shopping is becoming more and more popular.

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