Recycle Your Toners with Apogee

Apogee’s stance in the market brings responsibility to positively contribute to the environment. Therefore, Apogee have partnered with Collecture UK to make it as effortless and accessible as possible for our customers to recycle used toner and empty toner cartridges.

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Collecture are the world’s largest collector and recycler of office consumables and electronic devices, with the ability to meet the high demand of Apogee’s production. As apogee are innovator and technology leaders in Europe, Collecture are a perfect partnership due to their innovative environmental solutions, including remanufacturing, remarketing and recycling.

At Apogee, we send out Collecture recycling boxes, suitable for any printer based cartridges which are then collected once you, our customers, have filled them up.

The recyclables are handled by:

  • Waste cardboard is passed on for recycling
  • Broken/non-recyclable cartridges are sent to a plastic/metal recycler
  • Broken cartridges may be dismantled for internal components that can be used in the remanufacturing process
  • Worn aluminum drums from non-recycled cartridges are passed for recycling
  • Plastic packaging from the cartridges is passed on for recycling
  • Products that are unsuitable for recycling are disposed of via a licensed waste management company

This partnership with Collecture, allows you as our customers to join in with other businesses to continually improve Apogee’s recycling initiatives and have a significant positive impact on the environment. The graphic below shows just how much of the existing participants efforts are paying off. To find out more about our toner recycling scheme please call: 0345 300 9955 or email:

Toner Cartridge Recycling Success Apogee

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