Print and Document Management – Time for a Rethink?

No matter the size or industry, all businesses keep a sharp eye on costs. The tendency, however, is to look for those savings within core business activity. Increasingly, print and document management is becoming recognised as an area where substantial savings are achievable, both financially and environmentally. There’s plenty to be gained by adopting a smarter approach to print and document management.

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A Print Management solution gains an understanding of an organisation’s current print volumes and associated costs, whilst detecting under-used devices unsuitable for the situation or location. The ownership and management of print devices within an organisation can often be complicated with multi-vendor machines in various locations and very different requirements from end users.

Apogee’s Managed Print Services are tailored to help you take control of your fleet, however big or small, so you can track and manage the cost and volume of what your organisation prints, copies and scans. This will allow you to gain complete control of your printing costs, by reducing the number of pages printed with the introduction of new processes and workflows that eliminate the need to print all documents you produce.

Once a full document assessment has been completed and your fleet of devices optimised, you will be able to monitor usage on an ongoing basis with Print Management Software. By embracing print management and establishing a print policy, businesses can reduce total cost ownership by up to 30%, which is why Managed Services have become such a popular solution for businesses.

“Since Apogee installed the new Print Management Software, 89,000 pages have been deleted from the print queue instead of being printed and then left on the printer. That’s a huge cost saving for us, and it’s removed any risk to data as it simply isn’t printed unless the user is there to release it”.

Document Management can also deliver a range of other organisational benefits, including enhanced efficiency, reduced waste and improved document security. Effective document management systems can electronically track, manage and store documents, helping to eliminate resource-intensive paper filing systems that can take over an office.

The main challenge businesses have with document management is the controlled access to, storage and retrieval from Cloud based document platforms. However, the developments in Cloud document management offerings over recent years has excelled significantly with businesses investing more and more in ‘online storage’ so staff can access documents wherever they are, whenever they need to. The convenience of accessibility was originally one of the major benefits for businesses but now combined with improvements in security, it has removed the necessity for businesses to keep physical records of all their documents. Further, online Cloud storage can save a business valuable office space and significant time and costs in document handling by users.

Whatever your organisation’s appetite for change, you shouldn’t overlook the fact that technological advances are driving improvements within the print and document industry. By adopting a smarter approach to print, you can achieve substantial financial and environmental savings. From more extreme workplace transformations to simple, investment-light updates, your print infrastructure is certainly an area that you must take seriously.

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