Oh Fax! NHS Patient Trouble

The recent news that Northumbria NHS Trust, sent faxes containing “sensitive” patient data to a member of the public should provide significant food for thought for any organisation handling “sensitive information”.  Given that we are all likely to use a hospital at some time – the idea that our personal information could be faxed to a member of the public is deeply concerning.

On this occasion, the NHS Trust was not fined. However, the cost of satisfying the undertaking given to the Information Commissioners Office; and the negative press and embarrassment following the disclosure,  should create an imperative for organisations to ensure they properly control the distribution of confidential documents.

One can only imagine the cost of demonstrating that every ward staff member has been properly trained. Or, ensuring that every machine has numbers pre-programmed to avoid a similar situation recurring. Further, with fines per breach of up to £500,000 per instance a failure to manage this process effectively could cost you heavily.

This situation is not just a challenge restricted to the Health Service either.  Almost every business has a need to regularly copy, scan, email and fax data considered “sensitive” under the Data Protection Act by the Information Commissioners Office.  With your Chief Executive typically considered accountable for breaches of this kind  – CIOs and IT Directors take note!

With a CloudFax Server or Document Management solution from Apogee Corporation, properly installed by our professional services team, this issue simply would not have happened. Organisations like EDF, Total, HSBC, Lafarge and BNP Paribas have all benefited from implementing Apogee’s cloud fax server solution.

In addition to the obvious security benefits of providing centralised control over your fax activity – we estimate that organisations implementing this solution can potentially save 50% of the costs of a traditionally deployed fax or MFD based fax solution.

Looks like a very good time to be talking to Apogee!

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