Mobile print can benefit all types of businesses

From retail to healthcare, organisations of all types and sizes can adopt mobile print to achieve optimised efficiency, productivity and simplicity.

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Mobile print is the process of sending data to a printer wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet, enabling users to easily and securely print from whichever location they happen to be working from, without being tied to a single printer or the headaches of installing new printers each time.

With flexible working at an all-time high, mobile print goes hand-in-hand with multi-location businesses, allowing employees to maintain maximum productivity with the ability to print from any office via cloud technology, as long as they have internet and network access.

Multi-location or not, all types of businesses can benefit from mobile print. For starters, retail companies can enhance efficiency at checkout, at the sales floor, in the aisle, and in the warehouse by printing the labels, receipts and tags where and when needed.

The demand for mobile print also exists in the education sector amongst schools and universities. For example, students looking to print work in the library would typically have to spend time logging onto a computer before sending documents to a specific printer. Instead, students can have the freedom and convenience of using their own device and printing from whichever printer is closest.

The healthcare sector is no different; mobile print allows doctors and nurses to quickly print patient instructions, medication lists, consent forms and other documents from their smartphone or tablet. In doing so, efficiency is optimised, less time is wasted, and the patient’s experience is enhanced.

Moreover, the concept of mobile printing is also attractive for organisations with large industrial warehouses. Barcodes, invoices, shipping labels and more can all be printed on demand, perfect for lean or just-in-time production.

Likewise, as more and more guests are travelling with tablets and other mobile devices, hotels and others within the hospitality industry can provide guests with access to reliable printing on-the-go.

Regardless of size or industry, mobile printing provides all types of organisations with the opportunity to achieve flexibility and optimised efficiency, along with many other benefits.

Mobile Print in Your Organisation

Does your company currently leverage mobile print to optimise your print and document operations? If not, then you may be missing out on some of these significant opportunities and benefits.

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