10 reasons why you need to implement a mobile print strategy

A mobile print strategy is the end-to-end process of sending data to a printer wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet. The demand for Mobile print is rising rapidly as businesses of all sizes are reaping the benefits of going mobile.

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There’s more to mobile print than just hitting the print button. Here’s a look at 10 reasons why businesses should implement a mobile print strategy:

Increase productivity

Mobile print provides your employees with the necessary means to be fully productive wherever they are. Whether employees are away from their desk, at another office, or hosting visitors and guests in your business, a mobile print solution ensures their productivity levels are maximised regardless of where they are located.

Be more agile

Each year, the flexible working landscape continues to change. More and more employees demand a better work-life balance – 67% of employees wish they were offered flexible working. Mobile print supports this trend towards an ‘agile’ workforce, as by enabling employees to print from anywhere this ensures they are no longer tied to the office.

Optimise efficiency

The simple process of printing documents via your connected smartphone or tablet eliminates the unnecessary task of having to locate a specific device to print from. Mobile print optimises your organisation’s efficiency through minimising wasted effort and maximising productivity.

Reduce workload on your IT staff

A cohesive mobile print strategy will allow users to easily print from their devices without needing to rely on your IT staff to help with setup and other connectivity issues. Mobile print can therefore reduce the workload on your IT staff and allow them to focus on their core, more critical tasks.

Save money

72% of businesses suffer from lengthy downtime. By providing your employees with the necessary means to be fully productive wherever they are, mobile print can help your organisation to save money as a result of the reduction of unnecessary downtime in your workflow.

App friendly

Especially important for companies which utilise cloud sharing services, users can use apps to upload documents and other data to the cloud. These apps allow full two-way functionality whereby users can both print from the mobile device and scan from the copier to the mobile device.

With Zapp™, your staff and visitors can print directly to any printer or MFD from their smartphone or tablet, without the need to load any apps.


According to a Quocirca study, only 15% of organisations believe their printing infrastructure to be very secure. With almost half of UK firms being hit by a cyber breach or attack in the past year, mobile security should be an important part of your overall mobile strategy. User authentication and encryption can help to keep your data secure, and by developing a mobile security strategy this can provide you with full control over what documents are printed and shared across all devices throughout your entire organisation.

User friendly

With an effective mobile print strategy, there is no requirement to update drivers. This means that, unlike traditional printers, less time is spent waiting for downloads to finish and there’s less potential for errors and incompatibilities. Mobile printing is a smooth and easy-to-use operation.

Technological advancements

Taking advantage of the latest technology enhances the overall user experience and increases the possibilities of your document capabilities. Staff can leverage advancements such as mobile or cloud print functionality, while the organisation will benefit from the latest cost recovery and efficiency features.

Save time

By incorporating a mobile printing strategy, your organisation can save valuable time each day – rather than having to travel to a specific printer, documents can be sent to the cloud and printed from any connected device.

Mobile Print Strategy in Your Organisation

Does your company currently leverage mobile print to optimise your print and document operations? If not, then you may be missing out on some of these significant opportunities and benefits.

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