Merging to Win – Are you addressing the client imperative?

An article on the Financial Times Website on 31st May 2015 states that Deloitte UK are considering merging with their Benelux partner firms.

merging-to-win-addressing client imperative

This poses some interesting questions about the structure of multi-national accounting businesses and how they perform key client impact processes.

Historically, the big 4 accountancy practices have operated in a federal structure, where national entities protect themselves from any localised financial difficulty or reputational damage. But this is often considered sub-optimal by clients who are looking for a more integrated international engagement experience.


Particularly on the advisory side, they want us to be able to behave more seamlessly in the way we serve them.”
a source was quoted as saying.

If you consider that Deloitte UK’s revenue growth in 2014 was it’s slowest for four years – increasing by 1.4%. The desire to better reflect client needs is almost certainly being driven by a need to grow faster in a recovering economic environment. But whilst financial integration will bring benefits to the cost side of the business, integrating core operational processes is what will excite clients and ultimately benefit the revenue growth line.

So, when running cross border teams and activities to support clients on a pan European level, having a single central document store, one coherent document management process, the ability to print to a device directly without having to email documents to local staff; working with the best technology for the job and having resolution to an agreed standard service level would be integral to how you present your organisation to your customers.

At Apogee Corporation we have more than 20 years experience of working with professional services companies and particularly accounting businesses. Our multi-national expansion, depth of portfolio, independence and service focus provides us with a unique ability to offer key document management, print management and digital office services and solutions for your expanding business needs – and our experience in deploying these solutions means that you can have a single coherent multi-national process to better serve your clients requirement.

As the leading independent pan-European provider of managed document services, managed print services and digital office solutions we strongly believe we are the best placed to assist you in making your integrated office vision a reality.

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