Leveraging Print Technology to Establish Effective Communication

Communication is the cornerstone that underpins the success of any organisation, be it outward communication between a company and its customers, or looking inwards into interdepartmental relations and the inner-workings of a small team.

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Communication is something that can make or break an organisation. No matter how nuanced and effective an individual can be, without the backing and understanding of his or her co-workers, manager, department, and ultimately the organisation they’re part of, their efforts will be doomed to failure and obscurity.

In the modern world we live and work in there is no excuse for poor communication. The tools are readily available at our fingertips to embrace, with the people you need waiting at the end of a phone call, email, IM or social media application. Information is also easily accessible through innovations such as cloud computing and shared access files.

Yet, we also live in a world of fluid, ever-changing working habits, coupled with an increasingly mobile workforce. CEOs, managers and team leaders have to contend with the fact that many of their colleagues and the employees they are responsible for are simply not there. They are visiting customers, hot-desking at another office, or even working from home. This is the challenge of embracing the ‘workplace of the future’.

However, the tools and applications are in place to facilitate communication. It is merely a matter of organisation and hierarchy; of building the correct associations and processes to allow employees to connect with those they need to at a moment’s notice, and in turn to access the information that is required for them to do their jobs effectively.

Companies need to embrace new technologies, invest in applications, smart devices, cloud computing and other innovations to increase their capabilities to communicate and transfer information. Although print technology is one particular area where it is simple to demonstrate vast potential in helping to improve communication throughout organisations, it is one area that companies often overlook.

In fact, the invention of the printing press by Gutenberg led to the spread of mass communication across Europe in only a few decades (The Printing Revolution).

The breath-taking ability to send vast amounts of data instantly, constantly, and globally has all but transformed business and aligned document workflows at the centre of organisational infrastructures, ensuring all persons and technology can seamlessly connect to a print device and release electronic to hardcopy transfer at a click of a button. This radical connectivity helps facilitate effective organisational communication – within a few seconds, any message can be communicated from thoughts to paper anywhere, anytime, to anyone. Securely.

Marketing communications can be enhanced through print technology, whether it be the latest Wide Format Printers to deliver compelling marketing campaigns, Mobile Print functionality to allow customers to print on location using their handheld smart devices, or Cloud Solutions to securely store, access and print documents on the move.

Consider the impact on your customer’s experiences, too. Communications can be passed at faster speeds and tracked, monitored and assessed to consider performance. Messages can be communicated on a larger range of stock and to better printing quality, impacting customer experience and perception. Print and communication should almost be considered as one and the same.

Yet, it is up to each organisation to ensure that they match their processes to the technology available, and use the right tools for the job in moving forward with their communication revolution.

Is your organisation communicating effectively?

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