Ink Printing With HP’s Latest PageWide Technology

HP have introduced innovative ink printing into the marketplace to rival traditional laser printing devices. The new technology, named "PageWide" with reference to the new printhead that spans the width of a page to deliver four colours of Original HP pigment ink onto a moving sheet of paper, incorporates a number of innovations that aim to address output quality and commercial viability.

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The basic elements of ink-based digital printing are colorants, the process for transferring colorant to paper. Colorants form the image on paper by reflecting light at specific wavelengths to produce distinct colours. Unlike LaserJet toners, which are dry powders, inks are liquids during storage and delivery to the paper, and they behave like liquids for a short time on the paper surface. After leaving the printhead, the ink drop flies about 1mm to produce a dot in a precise location on the paper. This process can repeat tens of thousands of times per second in each drop generator.

The PageWide printhead has a nozzle density of 1,200 per inch for each of four colours, seeking to address the increasing demands for quality production in office print technology. HP’s thermal inkjet printhead also has no moving parts. Nothing moves except the ink itself. By moving only the paper under a stationary printhead, HP PageWide technology overcomes the trade-offs between quality and speed which is seen in traditional InkJet printers, whilst potentially delivering significant cost savings.

Another key feature of HP’s latest technology is it’s environmental credentials. PageWide Technology saves power by eliminating the fuser required for toner-based printing technologies and is said to consume 50% less energy per page than lasers, while reducing waste by up to 80%.

HP has also focussed on security. HP Security Managed Print Services helps customers secure their print environment with the industry’s strongest protection. The HP PageWide can detect a threat, act against it and protect it from future attacks, meaning you can be sure to be protected from any malicious threats.

You can watch HP’s PageWide Technology video below:

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