Green is Good

Following World Environment day last Friday, the attention of politicians and the business media this week has been squarely focussed on addressing  green issues.

“Green is Good” for Business – Is it on your Board Agenda?

Headlining the Financial Times on 9th June is the historic agreement that the leaders of the G7 nations have reached an accord to phase out fossil fuels, with a targeted reduction of 40-70% by 2050. Plans are now in place for a meeting scheduled for December in Paris to reach a final agreement there is likely to be continuing focus as politicians seek to revise the 2009 Kyoto targets.

The majority of businesses now have a focus on green issues as part of their Corporate and Social Responsibility agenda – but the importance of this is often underestimated in board rooms – with very few making this a regular agenda item. That may need to change quickly .


The Economist of June 6th  in an article entitled “Walking the Walk” speaks of a profound change in business attitudes towards Climate Change and the Environment; and presents data suggesting that a focus on saving the planet needs to be at the heart of business.  The reasons given impact revenue, costs and investor sentiment.

For revenue; it is clear that consumers are now far more concerned with the environment than ever before. With a recovering economy, they now have the capacity to make greater choices based on their perception of the businesses they buy from.

For cost; clearly the cost of renewable energy has now fallen significantly. This also extends to your supply chain, where greater efficiency in newer technology and a reduction in carbon bearing print output can improve your cost base in addition to reinforcing environmental credentials.

Investor sentiment: The Economist article argues that Investors are now more sensitive to the risks of owning a firm  “with assets and business models likely to decrease in value as the world ‘decarbonises.’” A failure to embrace green may be having a negative impact on your price earnings multiple. Having strong, green policies and principles, far from being a nice to have adjunct to your reporting, is now seen as a strong indication of the quality of your business management and a driver of confidence in your price earnings ratio.

At Apogee, we help our customers embrace a continuing commitment and sensitivity to the environment.  We help reduce environmental impact by managing your administrative document workflow to substantively reduce print volumes. This in turn minimises power consumption and the use of carbon based toners and developer. Our independence means we can advise on the most environmentally friendly solution and by working with us we ensure that all returned toner is fully recycled.

Looks like another great reason to talk to Apogee.

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