Is your organisation GDPR compliant? Google Fined for GDPR Breach

Recent news has been surrounding Google and their lack on compliance which has led to a fine, bringing GDPR to the public’s attention again.

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“Google has been fined 50 million euros (£44m) by the French data regulator CNIL, for a breach of the EU’s data protection rules.” – BBC

All organisations now have a legal obligation to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. It is therefore important to understand what it involves, and how you can prevent any future damage.

In 2018, non-profit organisations – noyb and La Quadrature du Net – filed complaints the day GDPR became active, which has led to them exposing the tech giant, Google, as failing to comply with GDPR. The claim involved Google not having the legal basis to process their user’s data for advertisement personalisation.

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How Apogee can help

Apogee work with organisations to develop tailored strategies for GDPR compliance based on the organisation’s data management and processes. To find out further details on how Apogee can help your organisation work towards compliance, click here or get in touch today.


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