Second Seminar Discusses GDPR Next Steps and eDisclosure Technology

In association with the Leeds Law Society, Apogee's second industry focused seminar discusses the next steps for GDPR compliancy along with eDisclosure technology.

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When dealing with litigation or investigation matters, the use of sophisticated electronic searching and review platforms is recognised as being critical, with more ‘analytics’ options helping lawyers get to the crux of the matter in the most cost-effective way.

In todays’ climate much has been talked about in regards to ever increasing levels of regulatory compliance (e.g. GDPR), and what tools can be used to try and find a proportionate solution.

The second seminar from Apogee will cover two areas; firstly give an overview of eDisclosure and how it works in standard practice (litigation/investigation), and then secondly look at its role, using some of the same tools, when helping comply with GDPR legislation.

The session will be of use to both those looking at how best to deal with litigation/investigation, but also those that are looking at what strategies can be employed in their organisation to find, search and secure their clients confidential material.

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