Rationalising Your Corporate Document Services

Corporate Document Services are used, to some degree, by all organisations. Whether it be a fully implemented Managed Print Service for a large fleet of print devices or Outsource Printing Services for one-off company brochures, specialist providers will be used to deliver various document service requirements.

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The depth and breadth of corporate document services used will depend on the nature and size of the organisation. Often, a number of providers are sourced to deliver different specialist document services. This creates difficulties and complexities which can have a serious impact on organisational performance and efficiency.

Effectively managing a large number of document service providers is resource intensive. Larger organisations will employ teams to handle the logistics – usually procurement, purchasing or specialists departments with the specific remit.

The cost implications can also be dramatic. Measuring the true financial impact of managing corporate document services is difficult at best. Finding suitable suppliers that share your security, environmental and similarly critical credentials and policies takes time and energy. Routinely auditing them to benchmark against the market adds further responsibilities.

Cost is where a service provider can highlight the real tangible benefits of rationalising your supplier list and consolidating services. Familiar points of contact who understand your organisation and document requirements provides clarity, clear lines of communication and efficient management practices to the workforce.

The Apogee Difference

Apogee the only UK company specialising in the provision of both in-house and outsource complete document solutions. This means that all your corporate document services can be undertaken by one provider, including:

  • Managed Print Services, including: Professional services, project management, document hardware solutions, document software services, remote monitoring, account management and support services.
  • Outsource Services, including: high volume printing, copying, scanning and finishing through secure 24/7 dedicated facilities.
  • Legal Document Services, including: eBibles, Bundle PreparationOn location support and specialist Forensic Technology and eDisclosure services.
  • Creative Services, including: graphic design, wide format printing and document finishing.
  • Mailing Services, including: Digital Mail Room and Hybrid Mail.

Apogee’s unrivalled portfolio of unique solutions provides any organisation the opportunity to leverage a single service supplier for all document requirements. As Europe’s largest independent provider of print, document and process technology and outsource services, Apogee are free to blend best-in-class technology from the world’s leading manufacturers such as Canon, Ricoh, HP, Samsung, Xerox, Kyocera and Konica Minolta.

This enables Apogee to deliver the very best document hardware, software and service solutions available on the market. Get in touch today to find out how Apogee’s range of corporate document services can benefit your organisation.

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