Document Security – a key focus for all businesses in 2017!

In the digital age we live and work in, it is surprising how many organisations still don't have effective control over the security of their data, documents and MFDs. Considering the majority of businesses work online, the threat remains so it is up to you to ensure you are protecting your documents properly.

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Every time a document is copied, scanned, printed, faxed or emailed, it can be accidentally exposed or intentionally compromised. According to research by Nuance Communications, 26 million individuals have been impacted by data breaches since 2009 and as the average cost of a data breach to an organisation is over £4 million, it is vital companies consider the following recommendations to address any vulnerabilities it currently has:

  • Restricting access to network MFDs based on user authorisation
  • Centrally tracking all user document activity
  • Providing secure network connection for Mobile Print users
  • Enforcing Secure Release printing cards
  • Implementing rules-based printing
  • Controlling functionality access by user

Whether it be hosting all scanned and printed documents on a secure Cloud or implementing print management solutions like ‘Secure Release’, there are a number of options available to ensure you are doing the right thing. We can help you find the right software to give you a mix of control options including creating audit trails for documents so you can track each time they are viewed, edited or printed.

As with any solution from Apogee, we can guarantee safe and secure document workflows with professional and responsive support. For further information on document security please click here or contact us today.

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