All Industries Can Create Competitive Advantages Through Optimising Print And Document Technology

Working with such a range of customer organisations at Apogee, we are aware of a host of changes taking place across a variety of sectors. The details and drivers for change differ depending on the sector, but the overarching trends in terms of print and document needs are common. By ensuring an optimal print and document infrastructure, organisations across all sectors can exploit what is often a largely untapped source of efficiency and maintain a competitive advantage within their industry.

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Introducing document digitisation, supported by accessible cloud-based systems, is one way in which organisations can make huge strides in speed and efficiency, as well as support a more mobile workforce. Through cloud solutions, employees can access and share documents quickly and easily with just a few clicks, saving valuable time, paper and money. To really drive efficiency and financial benefits, organisations must look at streamlining their workflows, processes and equipment.

As more and more of an organisation’s data is held digitally, businesses are increasingly concerned over the security risks that printers and multi-functional devices can present. Manufacturers have responded by collaborating on cohesive and robust security functionality, ensuring that data held in printers and networks is fully protected. Implementing an appropriate and holistic document infrastructure helps to attain that all-important competitive advantage.

Industries and workplaces are changing fast with technological advances and evolving customer expectations – it is predicted that by 2019 half of organisations will adapt mobile printing technology for their mobile workers, for example. To maintain a competitive advantage, it is essential for businesses to adapt to these changes, achieved by installing effective print and document infrastructure.

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