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4 Reasons All Educational Insititutions Should Utilise Print Technologies

Students are mobile Students are always on the go, whether moving from classroom to classroom or between different buildings across campus. It is vital for educational institutions to be able to account for this kind of highly mobile, location-shifted printing. The concept of printing documents wherever you are is made possible by cloud solutions. A… Read More

Streamlined fleet drives efficiencies for the world’s leading Seafood Company

Marine Harvest VAP UK Ltd, located in Rosyth, Scotland, was using an unconsolidated fleet of devices from mixed manufacturers which had led to high costs and difficulties in managing the fleet. The company had a desire to address these issues and streamline their procurement strategy. Apogee met with Marine Harvest VAP UK Ltd’s procurement department… Read More

Apogee’s Live Chat Ensures a Rapid Response

Having previously been awarded the Customer Service Champion badge by Live Chat, Apogee are continuing to prioritise customer satisfaction by delivering assistance as quickly as possible. Located in the bottom right corner of every page on our website, Live Chat provides customers with a real-time, on-demand channel to communicate with an Apogee customer service representative.… Read More

Apogee reduce Sedulo’s print activity by 20,000 in one month

Apogee’s dedicated Account Manager constructed a tailored solution to tackle Sedulo’s primary objective of reducing their printing levels which had reached 800,000 documents per year across their Manchester and Leeds sites. Significantly, after just one month, Sedulo’s printing has been reduced by almost 20,000 prints. So, how is this possible? Well, in a nut-shell, Sedulo’s… Read More

Apogee’s New Technical Helpdesk Maximises Service Efficiency

Led by Apogee’s Technical Helpdesk Manager, the purpose behind creating this team is to ultimately optimise customer experience. With the new team in place, customers seeking technical assistance will now pass through a streamlined process consisting of three separate levels, based on the nature of their enquiries. So what are the three levels? Well, accommodating… Read More

Apogee Get on Their Bike for Global

Throughout the week building up to Friday’s challenge, staff at Nimbus House nominated their fellow colleagues to cycle a certain number of miles on a bike. Those with nominations then had the opportunity to either cycle the mileage or avoid the bike by outbidding their nomination. The ‘Get on Your Bike for Global Challenge’ was… Read More

Mobile print can benefit all types of businesses

Mobile print is the process of sending data to a printer wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet, enabling users to easily and securely print from whichever location they happen to be working from, without being tied to a single printer or the headaches of installing new printers each time. With flexible working at an all-time… Read More

10 reasons why you need to implement a mobile print strategy

There’s more to mobile print than just hitting the print button. Here’s a look at 10 reasons why businesses should implement a mobile print strategy: Increase productivity Mobile print provides your employees with the necessary means to be fully productive wherever they are. Whether employees are away from their desk, at another office, or hosting… Read More

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