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Apogee – Official supplier to the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon for the fourth year running

Hugh Brasher, Event Director of the Virgin Money London Marathon, said “The team at Apogee have provided a superb service to the event for the last three years. The planning and attention to detail has been excellent and the Apogee team went the ‘extra mile’ to make sure everything went according to plan. We look… Read More

Why Graphic Print should be part of your marketing strategy

Transforming creative graphic designs into digital print is a valuable marketing tool for organisations and can be key when generating demand, attracting new business. Graphic print can lead to highly distinctive marketing campaigns, with FedEx stating “printing services helped four out of five small business owners stand out from competition.” Bring your ideas to life… Read More

Feeling overwhelmed by your print volumes?

Global companies are wasting an average of 14% of their revenue through document related tasks and inefficient printing practices, which includes the inability to cope with large print volumes. This ultimately effects productivity and therefore profitability of the organisation, demonstrating the importance of finding a rapid solution. A Print Management Solution will ensure that time… Read More

Using document storage to digitise your office

Document Storage A lack of digitisation can cause offices to have excessive amounts of paper documents, which can get lost or completely disorganised. Eventually, files stack up and office space becomes overcrowded and underutilised, which ultimately has a negative impact on business operations. Implementing document storage to increase digitisation is an effective way to reduce… Read More

4 Major Benefits of Digital Printing for Businesses

“Digital printing is a new process to the world of printing, involving complex computing telling the machine how to create the image on paper. The digital printer will analyse this image and print it directly onto your chosen substrate.” – PC Magazine. Digital Printing technology is perfect for all sized businesses, due to accessibility, affordability… Read More

Take a big step towards understanding and managing critical data in your organisation

Our aim is to help organisations of all shapes and sizes identify, review, manage and protect their critical data and processes. Apogee’s Records and Information Governance Consultancy Services provide organisations with the tools and specialist expertise to meet the joint challenges of escalating information volumes and legislation. Ultimately, Apogee provide organisations with high level visibility… Read More

How Sign on Glass can transform your delivery process

What is Sign on Glass Sign on Glass is simply a modern alternative to receiving a physical signature when delivering products. Instead, the customer signs directly onto ‘glass’ which is part of an automated process.  ‘Sign on Glass’ automates both the production and return of customer acceptance documentation such as proof of delivery, collection notes,… Read More

Solve printer problems before they arise

With the many advantages that printers provide, they can also negatively affect business operations when problems arise. Printer problems can be small or they can lead to the printer to simply stop functioning entirely, meaning taking measures to avoid all printer problems is essential. When organisations do not have substantial knowledge on printers, it is… Read More

Optimise your organisation’s print infrastructure with a Print Management Solution

A print management solution is designed to provide organisations with a smarter approach to their print infrastructure. This solution ensures that the devices and processes are being optimised to improve the overall efficiency and provide other benefits such as cutting costs, reducing environmental footprint and streamline the print environment. Print management needs to be tailored specifically… Read More

Always have a plan B: Looking to secure your printer in case disaster strikes

To avoid any negative effects, Apogee provide two layers of contingency to ensure your print and document capabilities remain operational and secure. On-demand, high volume specialist outsource facilities Apogee’s 24/7 on-demand Outsource Services for digital print, copying and scanning ensure that we can deliver print jobs to your specification while abiding to the quality and… Read More

The Perfect Storm: Information overload and increasing data legislation

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) threatens significant financial penalties and potentially disastrous damage to schools reputations. This along with other industry regulations is forcing schools and universities to prioritise their information governance strategy. Tactical approaches alone will not regain control Whilst some have invested in structured data systems that exert a degree… Read More

Subject Access Request (SAR) – what is it and is your organisation compliant?

How SAR is impacting businesses Subject Access Request (SAR) simply enables individuals to find out whether any of their personal information is being processed, why they hold it, where it may be disclosed to and enables them to receive a copy of this information. Since GDPR came into effect in May 2018, approximately 60,000 data… Read More

Protect your printers as hackers show the threat is very real!

A recent example of a cyber-breach involved hackers gaining access and printing messages on more than 100,000 machines all over the world, including forcing 50,000 printers to create posters.  The act was carried out by fans of a YouTube vlogger PewDiePie, raising awareness in an attempt to convince people to subscribe to the YouTube star… Read More

How Your Business Can Benefit From Cloud Print Solutions

Put simply, Cloud Printing is the technology which enables printers to be accessed over a network through Cloud Computing, whether this is through the medium of desktop computers, mobile, or tablets. Apogee offer the service of integrating our latest Cloud Print Solutions into your Managed Services. This technology boasts many benefits for businesses and users,… Read More

New Phone System Goes Live At Apogee HQ

In response, we have invested in a new call system which goes live on Friday 18th January. The new system is a fully integrated Call Management Solution and has been developed with the client journey and experience in mind. We have built tailored routing and new menus that cater for all types of incoming calls… Read More

The Future of 5G

5G is exactly what it states; a ‘fifth generation’ of cellular mobile communications. It is going to offer much more than the future of global communications, however, the UK isn’t set to begin adopting this until next year. This development in networking will not only influence your personal lives, but also directly impact the business… Read More

New Year’s Resolution – Improve Security Through Managed Print Service

Every time individuals scan, copy, fax or email documents, there is a risk that this content will be accidently exposed or intentionally comprised. With the rise of counterfeit crimes and introduction of new Data Protection laws in May 2018, security is becoming a fundamental part of keeping information safe within organisations. For this to happen… Read More

New Year’s Resolution – Increase Efficiency with Managed Print Service

Being inefficient can be detrimental to productivity in the workplace because it is essential for goals and deadlines to be met and delivered on time. Work patterns are changing, with people working on multiple devices and remotely, making processes more complex. Being Europe’s largest multi-brand provider of managed print services, document and process technology and… Read More

New Year’s Resolution – Reduce Environmental Impact with a Managed Print Service

There is a vast amount of non-essential printing in business, with paper being discarded, recycled or abandoned. It has been found that 70% of waste in offices is made up of paper and that as much as 50% of paper consumption can be reduced through eliminating this non-essential printing. Through government targets and personal beliefs,… Read More

Apogee Service Teams Perform Strongly in November

Apogee statistics from November are in and after analysing the figures, it is clear last month was positive for Apogee and our clients, with strong performances across all our service teams. The number of large projects that are being overseen by our Project Management Office has increased last month to a total of 31, an… Read More

Have you left your Christmas marketing campaign to the last minute?

Our hallmark is our ability to deliver high-priority jobs, to demanding specifications, while consistently maintaining quality and exceeding your tight festive delivery deadlines. We have state-of-the-art production facilities in both London and Manchester to manage all of your printing requirements whether it be greetings cards, festive direct marketing campaigns or any other kind of high… Read More

Apogee Continue their Support for Global’s Make Some Noise

This Tuesday, Global’s Make Some Noise is getting involved in Giving Tuesday which is a global movement with the aim to encourage companies and individuals to donate to the charities that they care about. This movement is to not only raise money for worthy causes, but to spread the word about Global Make Some Noise.… Read More

Apogee Showcasing latest process technology at the PocurEd Conference and Exhibition

The event is being held on the 28th November 2018 at Hopwood Hall, Greater Manchester. The conference and exhibitions aim to bring together expert speakers and professionals whom are responsible for procurement across all educational establishments. Tools and information will be provided to produce the best outcomes for their educational establishments during the following years.… Read More

Apogee’s managed services in demand as retailers prepare for peak selling season

Last year the shopping extravaganza saw British consumers spending a massive £2.6 billion, which is expected to increase again this year with the majority being spent online. Following Black Friday comes Cyber Monday, another 24 hour sales event, which then leads onto the Christmas shopping period.  Combined, the demand from shoppers puts an enormous amount… Read More

Recycle Your Toners with Apogee

Collecture are the world’s largest collector and recycler of office consumables and electronic devices, with the ability to meet the high demand of Apogee’s production. As apogee are innovator and technology leaders in Europe, Collecture are a perfect partnership due to their innovative environmental solutions, including remanufacturing, remarketing and recycling. At Apogee, we send out… Read More

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