Apogee’s Online Portal Another Platform To Help Customers

Apogee's Client Services portal has recently undergone a refresh to bring it in line with the organisations rapid expansion since doubling revenue to a £250 million run rate this year.

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The Apogee Client Services Portal provides customers with a friendly platform to view all their device information and usage, as well as automating many practices for a seamless service experience and streamlining future correspondence.

New customers, or existing customers yet to create an online customer account, can register by visiting the client services page and clicking the Register Account button.

After registering your company’s details, you will be emailed a link to complete registration. A handy guide is also sent to explain how to manage your account online and get the best out of the Client Services Portal.

Those without a customer account can still access client services by simply selecting the relevant area from the bottom of the Client Services page. It is, however, highly recommended to create a customer account and benefit from all the advantages of connecting your company to Apogee’s online Client Services Portal.

The 8 client services options now include:

To visit the Client Services page, please click the following link:


To get in touch and discover how your organisation can benefit from Apogee’s market leading Managed Print Services and Outsource Services, call 0345 300 9955 or visit our website contact page.

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