Apogee’s New Technical Helpdesk Maximises Service Efficiency

Apogee's IT and Professional Services staff have been integrated to form our new Technical Helpdesk team.

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Led by Apogee’s Technical Helpdesk Manager, the purpose behind creating this team is to ultimately optimise customer experience. With the new team in place, customers seeking technical assistance will now pass through a streamlined process consisting of three separate levels, based on the nature of their enquiries.

So what are the three levels? Well, accommodating level one are first-line staff who are the first point-of-contact for customers experiencing technical issues. In many cases, Apogee’s first-line staff are able to resolve issues remotely within minutes.

In some cases where issues are somewhat more complex, Apogee’s first-line staff will direct customers to level two and, if needed, level three where they’ll be assisted by experienced second-line and third-line staff.

In a nut-shell, merging Apogee’s teams to create the Technical Helpdesk team has provided the opportunity to put into place a structured, linear resolution path for our customers. Already recognised for delivering high levels of customer satisfaction, Apogee’s new team will enable us to assist customers even more efficiently, ensuring each individual enquiry is dealt with accordingly.

What’s more, improvements in the system also includes greater visibility to customers with emails providing updates every stage of the process. Customers can also log-in online to log and track the progress of their tickets.

Apogee are committed to enhancing the experience and expectations of our customers, ensuring maximum up-time and performance for their print environment. Get in touch with Apogee today by calling 0345 300 9955 or completing our website enquiry form to start your journey to digital transformation.

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