Apogee reduce Sedulo’s print activity by 20,000 in one month

Sedulo have reduced monthly printing from 63,300 to 44,400 prints within the first month of Apogee's solution implementation.

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Apogee’s dedicated Account Manager constructed a tailored solution to tackle Sedulo’s primary objective of reducing their printing levels which had reached 800,000 documents per year across their Manchester and Leeds sites.

Significantly, after just one month, Sedulo’s printing has been reduced by almost 20,000 prints.

So, how is this possible? Well, in a nut-shell, Sedulo’s staff must now log-in to their printers by tapping their ID card in order to release print jobs. Whereas before print jobs were automatically printed, they are now held in the device and either printed after user-authentication or deleted after a certain period of time.

Consequently, this has enabled Sedulo to cut print wastage as print jobs which are not essential aren’t printed and left by the printer to eventually be thrown away.

What’s more, there are clear security improvements which come with the software as prints are no longer left around in the tray, eliminating the chance of them ending up in the wrong hands.

Sedulo have so far been delighted with the solution provided by Apogee, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. By continuing to work with Apogee to change the way the company uses printing each day, Sedulo will be on target to achieve their Go-Green Campaign target of halving all print activity.

Key benefits to Sedulo:

  • Monthly printing reduced from 63,600 to 44,000 pages within the first month.
  • Print management software eliminates unnecessary printing.
  • Security enhancements.

Download the full Sedulo case study here.

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