Apogee prove digital print can deliver a white Christmas!

Apogee’s Production Print Specialists have been experimenting with clear gloss and white toner at their exclusive Digital Print Evaluation Centre in Birmingham and can now provide 5th colour digital engines to help printers meet the needs of their customers.

White toner printing

“We have been really impressed with the accuracy of the white and clear toners” explained Kate Thomas, Production Print Specialist at Apogee.  “This innovation offers professional printers the unique option to print white on coloured paper stocks and has great appeal for printers working in an ever competitive four colour market, particularly as Christmas approaches.”

“We have carried out a number of demonstrations at Apogee’s Digital Print Evaluation Centre and printers who work in the packaging, greeting card and design agencies have shown particular interest as printing white onto dark coloured stocks will give them the edge over their competition.”

Christian van Kooten, Apogee’s Production Print Senior Specialist added “Today’s printing industry has undergone a revolutionary change.  Customers are now seeking unique outputs and demanding tight deadlines on shorter length runs as well as competitive pricing to maximise profitability.  The ability to print clear gloss creating a spot UV look or white toner onto coloured substrates creates another opportunity for digital devices to deliver litho functionality.”

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