Apogee’s MSOC Recognised as Customer Service Champion

The team at Apogee's Managed Services Operation Centre (MSOC) based at the companies headquarters in Maidstone have been awarded the Customer Service Champion badge by Live Chat for their high levels of customer satisfaction.

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Apogee’s Managed Services Operation Centre achieved a 90% customer satisfaction rating during the first quarter of the year based on over 500 customer ratings and in doing so has been recognised as a Customer Service Champion.

The quick and successful handling of the interactive website chat box feature by the MSOC team enables clients to effectively utilise the live chat feature on the Apogee website to request service, submit meter readings, receive pre-sales advice and consultancy and contact Apogee representatives directly at the touch of a button.

Apogee Customer Support Champion-The Kennel Club

“It’s great to see the MSOC team receiving this 5 star rating from Live Chat and gaining recognition for all the hard work and excellent service provided to Apogee’s clients.” – Sarah Uddin, MSOC Manager

MSOC holds all of Apogee’s key operations under one roof to provide complete accountability of client support services. As a nationwide organisation, the MSOC teams at Maidstone are split up and only focus on specific areas of the UK and Europe in order to become location specialists and develop in-depth knowledge of the local area.

The team has now grown to 68 full time staff to cater for the significant growth since the recent acquisition of the Danwood Group with Machines in Field (MIF) now exceeding 110,000 across the UK and Europe. No part of the service operation is outsourced, which enables Apogee to deliver the ultimate client support service.

In total, over 2,500 telephone calls per week are received and answered, with a high percentage of the machine issue-related calls fixed via a remote network connection by the expert engineers on the Remote Managed Service team. The pre-emptive fault avoidance service allows the team to monitor all devices on a real time basis, resolving potential issues before they even occur. This filters down to the field service and streamlines the entire service operation Apogee provides to customers throughout their European presence.

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