Apogee FTE launches new website to showcase eDisclosure and Legal Technology Solutions

A new website has been launched to showcase the expert consultancy, eDisclosure and legal technology solutions delivered by Apogee FTE - Apogee's Forensic Technology & eDisclosure division.

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Apogee FTE supports organisations of all sizes with expert consultancy, eDisclosure and legal technology solutions, helping them meet their litigation challenges efficiently and cost-effectively.

The new website – www.apogeefte.com – showcases the range of service provisions on offer, as well as some major competitive advantages over your typical eDisclosure company, including:


When addressing today’s dispute resolution or investigation challenges, dealing with disclosure electronically and forensically is a must. Clients can and should expect to be able to respond to disclosure or investigatory requirements in a manner which is auditable, repeatable, defensible, quick and cost effective. We have set out to make forensic technology and eDisclosure accessible to all and have built a scalable solution that can deliver in a proportional way to any size firm.

Cost effectiveness

We have introduced innovative pricing models as a way of further driving down the cost of eDisclosure, offering a subscription-based framework that details all costs upfront, over an extended time-frame of 12 months and beyond. This has created a method of understanding the financial impact of eDisclosure before cases even begin and allows parties to budget and communicate this accordingly.

Wider technologies and capabilities

As part of Apogee Corporation, the UK and Europe’s market leading provider of managed print services and outsource services, Apogee FTE can leverage the vast capabilities available in-house, specifically:

  • High volume Document Scanning operations, either onsite or on location.
  • 24/7 specialist outsource printing facilities.
  • Onsite, highly secure Disaster Recovery facilities.
  • The largest Professional Services team in the industry to assist in solutions architecture and compliance.


eDisclosure and legal technology solutions for your organisation

Whether you have a live project or would like to learn more about how Apogee FTE can help your organisation meet future investigatory or litigation challenges efficiently and cost-effectively, get in touch by visiting the new website, calling us on 0345 300 9955 or completing our website form here.

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