Healthcare organisations can not only improve their financial well-being with a Managed Service from Apogee, they can also enhance document security which is key when handling confidential patient records.

Between test results, patient notes and all types of administrative paperwork, hard copy printed documents mount up. Within the healthcare industry, inefficient print processes can take up medical professionals’ time, create huge amounts of wastage and can ultimately compromise patient care.

The Department of Health is pushing for the NHS to go paperless by 2020, it’s no secret, they have been doing so for two and a half years now. New advances in technology have seen the amount of paper we use at work starting to fall (whether that’s in a hospital or office), but not at a dramatic rate. Whilst the idea of removing paper from key processes is a strategic aim for the NHS, the sheer volume of “paper data” makes it a daunting concept.

The key to overcoming this barrier for any healthcare organisation is the understanding that processes can be automated. Digitising patient notes can free up time to focus on patient care, decisions can be made in a clinical environment to improve patient safety, and digital information can be made available in multiple places at one time. The key to success here lies in taking on the process one step at a time. In many cases, it’s less about being completely paperless, and more about functioning with less paper.

The Apogee Difference

At Apogee, we are working with healthcare organisations to achieve exactly that. Intelligent print and document management approaches make it easy to access and share patient information, while promoting data security to protect sensitive patient and organisational data. Our focus on digitisation enables healthcare providers to fully integrate the use of tablets and smartphones into the organisation for effective mobility strategies, while ensuring they are on track to meet 2020 paperless targets. Click here to read more about our mobile print services.


Apogee Corporation Managed Print Services Outsource Print UK Europe


Our equipment is so much more reliable, and we just don’t have the problems that we’d become used to in the past.  Apogee have given us a level of support that we can be confident in.  It’s great not to have to worry about printing any more.


Supplies & Consumables

Apogee’s dedicated Account Managers will work closely with you, qualifying your needs and recommending the most appropriate and cost-effective printer supplies from an extensive range of original brands and remanufactured alternatives. We provide this bespoke office and printer supplies service to clients of all sizes and industry types who value the personal service and care… Read More

Apogee Corporation Managed Print Services Outsource Print UK Europe
Cost Control

Apogee offer a range of print management software to help you minimise waste and reduce expenditure.  Our solutions offer you centralised control of printing and copying.  We enable you to introduce and enforce a flexible print policy whereby you can set who prints what and can install automatic routing of print jobs to cheaper devices allowing… Read More