Energy & Utilities

For energy and utility companies, there’s a clear need to keep operating costs under control, as organisations can suffer from sudden, volatile changes to wholesale and retail prices.  Print and document production is a key area that is typically not as cost-effective as it could be.  Consider the volumes of documents produced and shared each day – from brochures, letters, statements and promotional materials through to health and safety documents and customer records, and it’s evident just how much the industry relies on printing and filing.

In such heavily regulated industries, data protection and security is critical, whether it’s customer data, competitor facts and figures, or sensitive information about your organisation.  Processing and being responsible for significant amounts of data, both in hard and soft copy, makes the need for airtight security vital.  With major quantities of data being shared and stored, often across multiple locations, the risk of leakage is high if suitable systems are not in place.

The Apogee Difference

Apogee have helped numerous firms take control of their costs and data security challenges, and ensure that they are operating efficiently when it comes to printing, copying and scanning, as well as storing and sharing their data safely.

An Apogee Managed Service will ensure fast document production, reduced waste, power and consumables usage. We can even provide solutions that enable you to bring previously outsourced printing back in-house and firmly under your control.

Your bespoke system will be tailored to solve all of your data security concerns, covering every aspect from how data is stored and shared so that only authorised users can access key documents and information. These solutions are simple to monitor, and dramatically reduce the risk of harmful data leaks.

Apogee Corporation Managed Print Services Outsource Print UK Europe

I couldn’t be happier with the savings that Apogee has managed to generate for us.  Our costs were in danger of starting to get out of hand, but now we have a firm grip.  Not only that, but we now have a better service, more robust support and the ability to make improvements without fearing exorbitant costs.

Apogee Corporation Managed Print Services Outsource Print UK Europe
Optimise Efficiency

From an initial Document Assessment we will immediately identify any wasteful practices within your organisation and focus on implementing changes to improve this. Using years of experience working with companies from all industries, Apogee work with you to focus on the most important aspects of your business whether that is new document processes or installing… Read More

Apogee Corporation Managed Print Services Outsource Print UK Europe
Document Management

The main challenge businesses have with document management is the controlled access to, storage and retrieval from Cloud based document platforms. However, the developments in Cloud document management offerings over recent years has excelled significantly with businesses investing more and more in ‘online storage’ so staff can access documents wherever they are, whenever they need… Read More