The way we use technology in the classroom is constantly evolving. Educators need access to the latest technologies if they are to give their students the best possible learning experience. From apps and downloads that support learning, through to 3D print facilities, the use of technology in the classroom is no longer limited to lessons in Computer Sciences or D&T. The educational technology options available are now growing almost as fast as the young people who rely on them.

The education sector is governed by budgets and often delay investing in new technologies, including educational printing services, as a result of financial limitations. The high costs of non-managed print environments are often a strong contributing factor to existing budgetary constraints and restrict important decisions being made on optimising print hardware and software.

The Apogee Difference 

Apogee has been helping schools, colleges and universities streamline their educational printing services and save thousands on print costs for many years. Our experience in providing education organisations with managed services and specialist outsource document solutions gives us the knowledge and skills needed to recommend and implement the right solution for you. We work with education establishments to provide the most up to date and interactive printing and document management experiences for students; whatever the ambition, outlook or budget.

Total print transparency

Apogee’s managed print services ensure you have visibility over print behaviour. By providing total transparency on print costs and volumes, by user, group or department; we can help you develop best practice printing approaches and formulate your own print policy.

Secure document sharing

Our innovative solutions transform the way information and documents are stored, printed and shared across educational departments and throughout campus. Incoming documents can be digitised, stored safely and sent to the correct recipient, whether that’s a parent, student or member of staff.

Cost efficient hardware

Navigating the DFE and Local Authority Regulations that govern purchasing options can seem a little daunting. We understand the purchasing rules you need to observe and will provide the most up to date information on the technology that best suits your environment and your budget in order to provide optimal educational printing services.

Latest 3D technologies

3D printers are also quickly becoming a must-have device in schools and educational establishments in support of the Design & Technology curriculum; helping students expand their imagination, realise their designs and bring their lessons to life. Click here to read more about Apogee’s 3D Printing services.

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Our print solution has given us the tools to manage print spend in a variety of ways.  With the new software and the control it gives us, I’m confident that the school is not overusing colour.  If we are, I can identify those responsible and restrict individual usage.


3D Print

Being able to immediately print parts or products in-house has the potential to transform manufacturing because it lowers the costs and risks significantly. No longer does a producer have to make thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of items to recover his fixed costs. The concept of 3D printing also enables manufacturers to customise the products… Read More

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