30 Apr

Digital Transformation Round Table Event

Tuesday - 12:00 pm till 4:00 pm

Apogee will be hosting a a round table lunch discussion, which will take the theme of Digital Transformation – the death of paper or its new best friend?

This event will give attendees the opportunity to discuss and provide comments on the below topics:

 Where do you see digital technology could deliver real value to your organisation? To your internal and external processes and communications? And where will it not?

  • Will it benefit your business, your staff or your clients?
  • Are environmental factors and a desire to reduce your impact a significant driver of digital transformation or a nice additional result for your CSR?
  • Where do you the optimal balance between paper and digital in your organisation? Can they live together? Is there a middle ground? Where is yours?
  • If print is your product, is it time to cannibalise yourself or stand and reinforce?
  • Reduce costs. Personalised communications. Improved client response times. Automated processes. Improved security. Simpler compliance eg GDPR. Increased productivity. Increased efficiency. And reduced environmental impact……Apparently all these are benefits of the applying digital technology through a DT strategy. What’s your experience? Which would be your priorities? What’s not being into account? Is it all just hype?

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