Document Assessments

Many UK businesses significantly underestimate the cost of their print function. An Apogee Document Assessment removes the guess work. We examine your current printing, copying and distribution levels, identify and eliminate inefficiencies and wasteful behaviour, improve document security, and strengthen your workflow. The first step to developing a cost effective and efficient print strategy is a detailed Document and Print Audit of your existing print and document technology.

An Apogee Document Assessment will identify all devices that print or produce some form of document output, their location and setup, the volume and cost of documents produced by these devices, critical documents and how they are produced within your organisation and your key user experience and areas for improvement.

The accuracy of information gathered during a Document Assessment is critical as it will form the basis of any future investment decision you make.

We combine physical site and network based assessments, together with user surveys to gain feedback from key users. Considering up to 20% of all printed documents are wasted it is vital the assessment is completed and analysed properly so a new solution is as effective as possible.

On completion we will present a management summary giving you a full understanding of your current print and document activities. We also offer less detailed assessments to smaller organisations, to find the right assessment and solution for your business then speak to us today.

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Since partnering with Apogee, our business has realised numerous benefits. Wastage has been reduced, workflows have been streamlined and cost allocation has been simplified.