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Device as a Service

Apogee DAAS - Managed IT Made Simple

The Apogee DAAS offering enables organisations to benefit from utilising the latest, most secure hardware and software technologies.

Our DAAS offering provides flexibility; instead of accumulating surplus, expensive equipment, device deployment can easily be scaled up or down as needed to accommodate business needs and workforce changes.

As part of the solution, all of the service and support requirements come already established, but without the large scale traditional capital investment and resource intensive IT demands, which are commonly required.

The offering is tailored to specific business needs and help organisations achieve lower total cost of ownership, increase user satisfaction, boost workplace productivity and free up valuable IT time and resources to drive business growth.

the complete DaaS offering

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How does DAAS work?

Apogee’s Device as a Service can provide all IT hardware, software deployment and support services you need combined into a single monthly subscription payment.

The flexibility of DAAS ensures companies are able to steer away from committing themselves to specific devices or software, and instead are able to procure the latest and best technologies as part of their contract.

Consequently, with access to world-class devices and accessories that perfectly suit their requirements, organisations can maximise their performance. Apogee DAAS gives your organisation access right now, with the easy option to refresh again in the future.

With DAAS providing fast deployment it frees up any IT resources you have in-house to focus on activity that is more valuable.

Benefits of DAAS

Apogee's DAAS gives your organisation access to the best technology, right now, with easy options to refresh again in the future.
  • Single smaller monthly subscriptions with DAAS
  • All-inclusive software and hardware package
  • Faster access to the latest technology
  • No upfront IT capital investment

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Imaging and deployment support to accelerate rollout
  • Optimised performance with pro-active monitoring
  • Better user experience with on-site support

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