Walsall Security Printers

The Company

Having developed and printed the world’s first self-adhesive stamp over 50 years ago, Walsall Security Printers is now a global leader in this field and produces billions of stamps every year for 180 countries worldwide. Expertise, innovation and significant investment have ensured WSP stays ahead of the competition and their state of the art facility, opened by The Queen in 2014 is testimony to that.

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The Problem

Apogee were first appointed as print partners to WSP in 2011 when Finance Director Martin French led driving an initiative to reduce dependency on desktop printers. “Cost-benefit analysis showed we can realise a major saving if we reduced the company’s dependency on desktop printer. It was quite a cultural change and we spent a lot of time educating users. During this time we got a better understanding of the service levels Apogee could provide and clarity on the financial elements of our printing which was a welcome change from our previous experience.”

Apogee have helped us to develop beyond what we imagined. I’m really happy with the way they support us and I’d not hesitate recommending them to others.

The Solution

“The Purchase Invoice process was the first workflow we streamlined as it flowed through all the business. Our Purchasing and Accounts departments embraced and ran with it straightaway, and from Director and Manager approvals to payments the process is now clean and easier. Previously we had no links between invoices and purchase orders but the new system brings them all together.” “We now also have a full job process which runs from initial enquiry to fulfilment and includes quotations, ongoing discussion of each project and delivery, the whole lifecycle. This allows us to track our success rate in competing and winning business, and gives us great resilience. Many of the jobs we produce are not standard so there is a lot of correspondence and emails, and the Apogee system means we can pull all this together, we have a whole history so when someone is off ill for example other members of the team know exactly what is needed and can pick it up.”