The Rowans Hospice

The Company

The Rowans Hospice is a local charity dedicated to improving the lives of people with cancer and other life-shortening illnesses. Established since 1994, the hospice has helped more than 7,000 patients and families across Portsmouth and South East Hampshire.

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The Problem

The Rowans Hospice had an outdated telephone system, becoming increasingly unreliable, with high line rental and call charges. Reliability issues were impacting the hospice, and costs were excessive. Apogee was recommended to The Rowans Hospice by an IT contact in the NHS. The hospice also had one mono and one colour printer, with the team frustrated by its poor service, where they were often unable to get equipment serviced or fixed.

Our telephone system was unreliable, and we were paying a premium. Apogee took a sensible approach - looking at what we had and comparing it to what we needed.  We’ve now got a reliable system, backed up by quality support, and it’s costing us significantly less.

The Solution

By performing a detailed assessment of the existing telecom equipment and systems at The Rowans Hospice, Apogee spotted a number of inefficiencies. This report focused on the number of lines, the mixture of analogue and digital, and the identification of any redundant lines. The hardware was also evaluated, and the findings cross referenced against what the hospice really needed. On the print side, only a basic assessment was necessary, finding that the two devices were not suitable to meet the hospice’s requirements, as reliability was a key factor, and print costs, again, excessive.